$30/MINIMUM 30
  • Express Line
  • Discounted Rate
  • Reservation Only
  • Covered Que


$18/MINIMUM 30
  • Discounted Rate
  • Reservation Only
  • Covered Que


  • Express Line
  • FREE Coffee/Cocoa per
*Ticket prices do not include sales tax
DUE TO COVID-19: Masks are required and we ask you follow markers for social-distancing. Groups are sent in every 3 minutes to create an isolated experience and distancing for groups. Group sizes are up to 4 people unless you have children we can push it to 6. We will not separate children or teenagers from their family…unless you want us to.

*Frequently Asked Questions

Split Tickets?
No split tickets.
When is Blackout and what is it?
Blackout is Saturday November 7th! It’s our Encore night with everything changed and lights out.
Will we get bloody?
Yes, all tickets include blood and interaction. Due to Covid regulations and guidelines we have toned down the bloody interactions a bit though and made the quantity of blood depend on YOUR level of willingness to interact. Blood will NOT stain, and DOES wash out.
Where can I buy tickets?
You can buy them online here:
OR you can buy them on location with either cash or card.
What is your refund policy?
No Refunds. Our job is to scare you, so if you back out even in the first room, that is your choice and we did our job.
I can't buy Fast Pass Online!?
Correct. We don’t want you to waste your money on a fast pass if you don’t need it. It’s better to buy a Fast Pass on location at the window or upgrade your tickets if you get tired of waiting.
Are masks required?
*If you didn’t find the answer to your question above you can check our full FAQ page in the menu at the top of the page OR you can contact us by hitting the button below that says “Get In Touch”

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