It varies depending on the day and the event. We’ve gotten the timing and internal choreography down to a science.

  • Sweetheart Slaughter is usually a 20-30 minute wait at most.
  • The Asylum can be a 30-60 minute wait if you arrive early or on a Sunday. On really busy nights (usually Saturdays) the line is a lot longer (more people = more waiting…Math 101). Wait times on Saturday can be as long as 3 hours if you’re at the back of the line. We do offer a fastpass if you hate waiting, or you can come back on a less busy night and your ticket will still be good.
  • Dodsfall there is no wait because it’s reservation only. However, if you show up late and miss your booking, we’ll be forced to let the next team start when they arrive and move your booking. In which case you’ll have to wait.