Can I take Photos and Video?

During Sweetheart Slaughter or The Asylum you may take all the photos and videos you want. Outside. However, you may NOT take pictures or videos inside the haunt. As no cellphones or flashlights are allowed out of your pockets inside the venue. Don’t try to be sneaky. You’ll stick out like a flashlight in the dark. Because it’s dark.
During Dodsfall, we actually provide you with cameras to take photos inside the venue. There’s bound to be a few that will make excellent family Christmas cards.

Can I go through with a wheelchair?

We hate this question. It hurts our heart and crushes your spirit. You’re used to this being the case, but it doesn’t make it any less sad that this is an older building with stairs. It’s just not practical to put an elevator in a two story facility of this size. BUT! There’s good news on the way! We’re hard at work prepping a big move to a larger facility with NO STAIRS! But for the time being– we cannot accommodate wheelchairs.

What should I wear?

It’s best to avoid anything that you’re afraid of ruining or losing (not that you will, but casual comfortable clothing is best). Don’t wear things that are difficult to move or walk in, or that you’re afraid of losing. Like jewelry. Or…your great grandmother’s wedding ring (this has happened). You will get blood on you, but it’s water based and washes out.

Will the blood stain?

No. The blood we use is water based and washes out. Although, we don’t recommend dressing like you’re going to meet the Queen of England.

How Scary is it?

We’re gonna go on a limb here– and assume that if you have served in the military, were part of or currently partake in a biker club, and/or murder people in cold blood, or have been divorced at least twice…you probably won’t be scared. No? You really want a legitimate answer? Fine. But this is a tough one. It depends. Sometimes little girls walk through giggling, and grown men in the military cry like babies. Or vice versa. It’s unpredictable and hit and miss, but we do try our best to have a little bit of a lot of different types of scares that aren’t just people jumping out and screaming at you. We try to attack all the senses with sight, touch, sound, and even smell. Haven’t mastered taste yet…but one day.
A lot of places claim to be the scariest haunted attraction in the universe, #1 haunt on the planet, top 100 haunts in the 21st century, blah blah blah. But here’s a little insight: those “rankings” aren’t actually rankings. Those are paid levels in DIRECTORIES on haunted attraction directory websites. Which means they are listed in the “top five” on a directory website, but that doesn’t mean that critics came out and reviewed their attraction and compared it to others in the surrounding area. There are a LOT of them. More than you probably realize. That being said: we’re not saying the other places aren’t good. And we’re not saying we’re the best. But we DEFINITELY do things VERY differently here. There are merits to all the different types of attractions that cater to a variety of different people with different tastes.
We always make changes every year to improve and listen to negative reviews with open minds. Some people say we’re the most terrifying thing they’ve ever experienced…and others walk out saying they didn’t like. It’s rare, but it does happen. We will however boast that two completely separate organizations of local critics (who review and compare haunts in this state) have ranked us as #1 on their lists of recommended haunts in 2014, 2015, and 2016– and in 2016 a public poll was taken with one of those organizations where we won the People’s Choice Award for being an audience favorite in this state. We also don’t buy billboards or radio ads of any kind because (simply put) we don’t need to. We get more than enough customers on word of mouth alone. So…that has to mean something right?

Where do I buy tickets?

You can buy them online or on site at the ticket window. Here are links to ticket information for THE ASYLUM in October, SWEETHEART SLAUGHTER in February.
Tickets can not be purchased on site for DODSFALL in June, because it is reservation only. But you can make a reservation HERE.

Will the actors touch us?

This is an interactive haunt. You will be touched, but you won’t be held in place or grabbed. All of our cast and crew are highly trained professionals. Safety is our #1 priority for both them and you. As such, you are not permitted to grab, hit, kick, or caress our cast and crew. Sometimes people react out of instinct, but I promise we can tell the difference. So can our cameras.

Age limit?

There’s no nudity or profanity, but we don’t tone it down for anyone. Parental discretion is advised. Our events are intended to scare you and could potentially be traumatizing to smaller children. Or…they might traumatize us because they’re not affected. In which case we’ll be praising and questioning your parenting skills. You may NOT carry an infant into the attraction.

Can we book your venue to host private parties?

Yes! We would love to host your private event so long as it doesn’t interfere with regularly scheduled seasonal events. Our air-conditioned venue can be used for birthday parties, d&d parties, fund raisers, classes, wedding ceremonies, laser tag (we can provide the equipment)…the list goes on. Please send an inquiry via our contact page with details about what you have in mind, along with a phone number to call, and we’ll be in touch with you very soon!

How long is the walkthrough?

This depends on your participation and how afraid or unafraid you may be. Sweetheart Slaughter and The Asylum can be anywhere between 15 – 30 minutes. If you just walk through the whole thing without participating in the interactions, then it’s likely to be a very short experience. Dodsfall, on the other hand is an hour long.

How long will I wait?

It varies depending on the day and the event. We’ve gotten the timing and internal choreography down to a science.

  • Sweetheart Slaughter is usually a 20-30 minute wait at most.
  • The Asylum can be a 30-60 minute wait if you arrive early or on a Sunday. On really busy nights (usually Saturdays) the line is a lot longer (more people = more waiting…Math 101). Wait times on Saturday can be as long as 3 hours if you’re at the back of the line. We do offer a fastpass if you hate waiting, or you can come back on a less busy night and your ticket will still be good.
  • Dodsfall there is no wait because it’s reservation only. However, if you show up late and miss your booking, we’ll be forced to let the next team start when they arrive and move your booking. In which case you’ll have to wait.

Are there bathroom facilities?

Yes! There are bathroom amenities on site.

Is this safe?

Everything about the show has been designed with your safety in mind. Security, metal detectors, months of cast and crew training, cameras, fire alarms and suppression systems…emotional support bunnies. The real question is can you follow the rules?

Can I bring any weapons?

Is it really necessary to have this one in the FAQ? Are you seriously asking this?

Can I get a refund?

No. All sales are final barring extremely rare and unusual circumstances. Like the apocalypse. In which case, help yourself to the whole register. Because apocalypse.

Do you have rules for customers?

We sure do! You can find them RIGHT HERE.

What if I get too scared?

All of our events have a safe word (BLOODY MARY) if you absolutely can’t take anymore and need to be escorted out. Be advised that we do not offer refunds. If you quit before the end (even at the beginning) then you are voluntarily leaving of your own accord and got what you payed for.

Can I go through if I’m pregnant?

We would prefer that you don’t. Accidents can always happen. If you’re far enough along, and we feel that there’s a chance of putting your unborn child at risk, we won’t sell you a ticket. The safety of your child should come first.

I have epilepsy are there flashing lights?

Yes. Most of our lighting effects are designed to resemble flickering or failing power. We don’t use full on strobe lights, but the lights do flicker a lot.

Military discounts?

We do offer a military discount– however, with so many people attempting to pose as veterans we require proper identification at the window. No exceptions.

Can I smoke, vape, or drink?

Drinking on site is not allowed. Smoking or vaping should be done away from the line and definitely not inside the venue.
Some people think it’s clever to sneak alcohol by hiding it in their car or their coats. Sometimes they just show up drunk already. Be advised: Our security is comprised of active duty law enforcement. Not rent-a-cops. You’re not fooling anyone. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone with no refunds. The safety of our cast and crew is priority #1.

What does interactive mean?

This is not a typical walkthrough where people jump out and scream or scenes unfold as you walk by. This is a hands on experience where you must listen, hide, search, and sometimes even crawl. Many of the interaction involve getting bloody and require one person to volunteer bravely…and others require teamwork. The more you participate, the better the show will be. You can opt out if you want, but this show is designed to be interactive so if you refuse to have fun, you’ll probably succeed.

What happens if I punch an actor?

The show stops, and you get introduced to the police! We have cameras.

Do you sell souvenirs?

Yes, we have souvenir necklaces and shirts on site as supplies last.

How many people can go in at a time?

Groups of 6. If you show up alone or in pairs you will be put with other customers. This must be done in order to move the line along and still create an isolated experience.


Can I leave and use my ticket a different night?

Absolutely. The tickets are perforated and stubs are torn off when you enter the attraction. As long as your ticket hasn’t been torn, you can bring it back and use it anytime! This only applies to The Asylum in October and Sweetheart Slaughter in February. If you’ve made a reservation for Dodsfall in June, then you’ll need to call ahead of time to reschedule your booking.

Where do I buy tickets?

All tickets can be purchased online (here) or at the ticket window on site. Ticket Window hours are 7pm – 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 7pm – 10pm on Sundays